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Sep 4, 2012 9:00pm PDT
grown in the hardest hit areas. reporter efrem graham was there, too. >> reporter: a flood wall separates st. bernards parish from plaquemines parish. flood waters are higher than most homes. >> we were supposed to be moving in next month. might be a delay now. >> becky and husband have spent years fixing one of the homes. >> believe it or not there was less water during katrina than now. >> i am standing on top of a levee eight to nine feet. there is a breach in that levee right here. it runs six to seven feet deep. >> the levee authority caused the breach to drain the water and eventually open the flood wall, still workers estimate it will be another two weeks for the water to recede. they take comfort as a caravan of e relief. >> most of us devote christians, it helps. >> jodie and team from operation blessing were here seven years ago when katrina hit. it was her first day on the job. >> when i saw the boats floating, they can't take this again. my heart goes out to them. if there is anything i would ask people to do, pray for them. >> disaster response begins with a hot mea
Sep 23, 2012 8:00am PDT
so kent mentioned earlier the case out of florida in the sue presume court graham in which the court said the juvenile should be treated differently with respect to life without the possibility of parole. the same happened in simmons where the court has treated juveniles differently. it may be the case we can start to do that. we can start to categorize people. we categorized a group of individuals in virginia and said those people who have mental retardation have lesser couple ability for a whole host of reasons, they're more likely to follow people. they're more likely to be subject to peer pressure, less likely to have made premeditated decision-making. that's probably where this evidence is the most useful. we have a standard in criminal law called the reasonable person standard. this fictitious person that we measure everybody's conduct by. we say this is the person, the average person, the average juror, the average individual, the kind of conduct that we would expect an average member of society to live up to. well, as it turns out that none of us are quite average, right. and
Sep 23, 2012 12:00pm EDT
romney's 47% program with lindsey graham and democratic senator dick durbin. >>> and the deadly attacks on americans in libya. it is apparently not what we thought. the latest from house intelligence committee chairman mike rogers. >>> and who are those people anyway? i'm candy crowley. and this is "state of the union." >>> as mitt romney struggled to regain footing after his 47% victim remark, the president was contemplating his first four years and a slight change to the hope and change theme. >> you can't change washington from the inside. you can only change it from the outside. that's how i got elected. we are at that point on the campaign where everything becomes fodder on the stump. >> the president threw in the white flag of surrender again. he said he can't change washington from the inside. he can only change it from outside. well, we're going to give him that chance in november. he is going outside. >> that point of the campaign where even the responses do not go unresponded to. >> he stood up in a rally, proud ly declared i'll get the job done from the inside. what k
Sep 27, 2012 6:00am EDT
graham road, blocking the left lane. traveling through springfield, on 95 once you get past the accident activity in quantico. on the beltway from springfield, moving well toward tysons on the inner loop. on the outer loop wilson the woodrow bridge. maryland, a live look at 495, north of the american legion bridge, not bad. we are still blocking westbound dennisity boulevard at from an earlier collision. back to you. >> thank you. president obama is beating mitt romney in more than the polls. that coming more on up in a little while. here's the deal. area masks for halloween by moreng romney masks than 30%. it may hold the key to the november elections according to website. clinton clintondole-- clinton outsold dole. bush outsold gore. so there's a good deal of accuracy. >> the housing market recovery chugging along. rob nelson has details. good morning. a new round of encouraging news about the housing market. of a new homece more than 11% from july to august. the biggest one-month jump on record. prices $256,000, the highest in almost 5.5 years. record number of families in st
Sep 30, 2012 2:00pm PDT
. she mentioned the character in there, moonlight graham -- adam is always compared to moonlight graham. she said, man, i feel sorry for that moonlight graham character. i said moonlight graham doesn't have anything on this guy, on adam greenberg. i started telling her the story of adam greenberg. i thought he's only 28, 29 years old, we can't let this moment pass, this window of opportunity. >> i wonder, adam, how are you going to be at bat marlins tuesday and not have tears in your eyes? how are you going to be able to concentrate on that moment? will you be thinking about what happened years ago? will you be thinking about your fitness, yr training, your readiness? can you tell me what you might be feeling? >> yeah. here is the one thing that i want to make very clear, this campaign and this at-bat is a success already. the result of what happens on tuesday, it's one at-bat, showing the power of the human spirit, the power of perseverance and just staying positive and not letting yourself stay down. you can't do it alone. you need support. i didn't ask for it certainly. i didn
Sep 21, 2012 12:00pm EDT
graham, senator lieberman, and many others -- senator menendez -- have pushed very hard to get this dofnlt i hope we can confirm our ambassadors to iraq and afghanistan, and the continuing resolution to fund the government for six months. republicans say this congress has been unproductive. but if republicans want to know why it's been unproductive, they should take a look in the mirror. benjamin franklin once said, "well-done is better than well-said." close quote. "well-done is better and well-said." so it is time republicans stopped talking about how much they wanted to get things done and started working with us to actually get things done. the presiding officer: the republican leader. mr. mcconnell: yesterday dozens of republican senators came to the senate floor one after the other to register their complete frustration with the way democrats are running this place. never before -- never -- have a president and a majority party in the senate done so little to address challenges as great as the ones our nation faces right now. never. i mean, we've got a $16 trillion debt, and t
FOX News
Sep 12, 2012 11:00am EDT
. we're joined by lindsey graham, republican from south carolina. senator graham serves on the armed services committee. he was in libya this past december. he knew ambassador stevens well. your thoughts on the events over the last 24 hours? >> you said it well. america lost one of her best diplomats. chris loved libya. he loved his job. he loved his country. he went to the most dangerous places trying to build up democracies and to help those who want to help themselves. libya lost one of her best friend and allies. i can not tell you how important chris was during the war in libya and, my number one priority is to make sure those who are responsible for the killing of chris and his colleagues are brought to justice. libyan government has said all the right thing about condemning this but we need action to make sure those who planned and perpetrated this attack are brought to justice. jenna: how do we do that? >> work with the libyans. the use our intelligence gathering capabilities and go after them jointly with the libyans. i'm hoping we will see an outpouring from the libyan gove
FOX News
Sep 4, 2012 6:00am EDT
. >> gretchen: from the dnc, is charlotte to billy graham's home library? it's here. what makes it so special? we're taking you inside next. >> brian: first let's check in examine find out what's on at the top of the hour with bill hem examiner martha mccallum. >> how are you doing? we are inside the arena hall here and new polling this morning shows tough news for the president on day one of its convention. we'll see how this plays and take a look inside the numbers. where is the union support in charlotte? if you have not heard about the story already, this could be a big deal within the party. who has the momentum at the moment? republicans or democrats? chris wallace analyzes that. and what will be the vision for a second term if president obama wins? and where is that vision? we'll have it for new ten minutes here live in charlotte as america's news room rolls on ten minutes away. top of the hour >> gretchen: down the street from us, it's the billy graham library here in charlotte. we go inside now. >> it was a great opportunity for me. i've been to three billy graham crusades and i was
FOX News
Sep 19, 2012 6:00am PDT
violent anti-american protests continue. senator lindsey graham is speaking out. what he says are the flaws in the president's foreign policy. martha: and new questions about what the white house knew before the murder of our ambassador and three others in libya. was a critical warning missed? >> we do not have any indication at this point of premeditation or preplanned attacks. we're not making declarations ahead of the facts here. years? call imperial structured settlements. the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today. bill: is there a crack now in the story from the white house over the events in libya? four people including one of our leading ambassadors, chris stevens, killed there after an attack in benghazi. so far the white house called the a spontaneous event on 9/11. after yesterday there is investigation that is not yet complete. >> we have provided information what we believe was the precipitating cause of the protests and the violence based on the information that we have had available. there is an ongoing investigation. the
Sep 4, 2012 7:00pm EDT
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Sep 16, 2012 11:00pm EDT
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Sep 21, 2012 1:10am PDT
. as south carolina senator and 9th grade dance chaperone lindsay graham recently explained, the demographic race we're losing badly. we're not generating enough angry white guys to stay in business for the long-term. yes, it's true. and if they are going to stay, republicans need to make more angry white guys. now of course the simplest solution is for them to purchase my new line of premium mail order sperm, formula 401 seeds of discontent. (cheers and applause) harvested from my "grapes of wrath" t is the same white male starter kit you know and love but in a limit batch especially produced while i was very angry watching gay porn. knock it off! give it a rest. seriously. still, with a dwindling supply of white republicans the gop has got to reach out. >> one of the biggest challenges facing the gop this november certainly will be winning latino voters. >> for romney to win swing states like colorado and nevada campaign advisors say they have to get a larger share of the hispanic vote. >> to become as committed to the democrats as the-- in the past while we're in trouble as a
Sep 23, 2012 6:00am PDT
with working families. >> and senator graham, to you, why to you think mitt romney is struggling so much? we've talked so much about the history of the numbers as it relates to unemployment or anything else and how it would seem that president obama would not be dolling well, and yet, mitt romney is the one who is struggling. why? >> well, to be honest with you, i think if history holds here and undecided voters break against the incumbent as they generally do, this is a very close race, and quite frankly, i like our position. >> really? >> the comment the president said we can only change -- >> yes, i really do. i think no one has ever been re-elected with unemployment over 7.6%. no one has ever been re-elected with an economy this bad and undecided voters break against the incumbent three or four to one. yes. we've talked about mitt romney's tax return. we've talked about his speech, the tape of his speech at a campaign -- fundraiser. we've talked about his dog being on top of the car, but we're not talking about or they're not talking about what they have done. this idea you can
Comedy Central
Sep 4, 2012 11:00pm PDT
quickest way to the airport. >> jon: oh, that would be billy graham parkway [bleep] >> of course. [applau [bar noises] ♪ swing music plays ♪ >> jon: this is a special correspondence where nbc news, the conversation about america is now out in the paperback form. please welcome back to the program tom brocaw. [crowd cheering] how are you, sir. >> very well, thank you. although i arrived today and went through the first of 104 security check points. so i a large large department of prisons a north carolina line inmate transfer and i thought that would be me and they transferred me and i am here. >> jon: you are here. i tell you they have locked this city down. >> i've never been here before. >> maybe that's what it's like. >> that's where the bankers own me. >> jon: nicely done, sir, nicely done. here we go. so how many of these rodeos have you been to before. >> this is my 24th. >> jon: what was your first? >> first one was 1968 in chicago. that was a riot and a convention broke out it turned out. [laughter] >> jon: so this is in a nation we've gone from do you think this year
Sep 7, 2012 7:00pm EDT
a single-story. but no, senator morris did not invent the telegraph. alexander graham bell did not invent the telephone. alexander graham bell is one of the very talented individuals in the 1870s. including deleting, and it telegraphs. and a promoter who had behind him a very small, but very affect this telegram copied. in figure two companies competing with each other for copyrights, and the competitive struggle. his primary background which eventually became at&t appeared he might not have heard of alexander graham bell. so the inventors are operating in a distinctive economy in which there are inventive is indeed a relatively small part of the story. >> host: said richard john how would you compare to a steve jobs or bill gates today? >> guest: well, they are very different. moore was an unsuccessful entrepreneur. they'll did not wish to be a notch for newer. gates and jobs are very successful entrepreneurs. and i'm not some ways more system is revealing. he's the most revealing contrast because he very much wanted to rely on the last generation's templates for how to organize t
FOX News
Sep 28, 2012 8:00am PDT
americans dead. we should say four americans murdered. senator lindsey graham joins us live with his take how this story has developed. >>> horrifying accounts as a gunman opens fire at a minneapolis office. five people are dead. the latest on a devastating workplace shooting. >>> plus, the investigation into the cause of a fiery plane crash that killed 19 people. it's all new, it's all live. it's "happening now." jenna: and we start with some politics. topping the news at this hour the race for the white house and brand new polls from three key battleground states. we're glad you're with us on this friday, everybody. i'm jenna lee. gregg: i'm gregg jarrett in for john -- jon scott. we're looking at brand new poll numbers that the fight for president obama and mitt romney remains close days away from the first presidential debate. "wall street journal" marist poll showing the president has a seven point edge in new hampshire and smaller two point lead in north carolina and nevada. that is within the poll's margin of error. meantime new "fox news" polling showing governor romney is lo
Sep 24, 2012 11:00pm EDT
i'm sort of amaze at the generosity of the romneys. >> well, senator graham is defending romney because graham believes it's an american value to game the tax code. he said it himself, in july. graham said it's a game we play. every american tries to find the way to get the most deductions they can. i see nothing wrong with playing the game because we set it up to be a game. now i just want to point out. and i know we're focused on this election. and going into the new year right after the election, a lame duck session of the congress, we're going to have one hell of a debate about what we're going to cut and what we're going to tax to get our treasury in order. but we've got a united states senator who backs up mitt romney and his rate, saying he is very generous. it's all a game. it's all a big game. make no mistake. romney gamed the tax code. he basically picked his own tax rate and his accountants played around with deductions so they could hit the predetermined rate near 14%. would you take it? meanwhile, romney still won't explain the specifics of his tax plan for you and
Sep 19, 2012 10:00am PDT
lindsey graham in south carolina, about romney, he needs to be talking about the economy and not in utah. he's not going to get beat because of money. he ought to be running in ohio and florida like running for governor and running in virginia like he's running for sheriff. >> right. >> so take it from there. there's a lot of, perhaps, unwanted advice but some of it seems to be rather useful advice. >> right. and there's just no question there's deep, deep anxiety about romney's comments and as jonathan martin and maggie haberman in their politico story said, not just the comments, anybody can be taken out of context especially in this sort of undercover hot mike moment like this, but the way he's responded. he hasn't fully embraced the comments and said, no here's what i really mean and think, and hasn't fully distanced himself, i'm sorry, i screwed up. caught in the no man's land and it's clearly been a distraction for 48 hours and under this trajectory, probably got more time that it's been cycled. >> they've tried to change the comme subject to the redistribution. we have not authent
Sep 29, 2012 2:00pm EDT
. anyway, so we were watching it and she said she mentioned the character in there, moonlight graham, who adam is compared to moonlight graham, and she said, man, i feel sorry for that moonlight graham character. i said moonlight graham doesn't have anything on this guy, on adam greenberg. i started telling her the story of adam greenberg and i thought, wow, he's only 28, 29 years old. we can't let this moment pass. this window of opportunity pass. so i did some homework on adam. saw how great he was playing in the independent league, and then after i went to spring training and chatted with a few general managers and some of the players, i want to make this point, a lot of the active major league players would tell me that they would give up their at-bat for adam. and when i got that outpouring of respect and support for adam from the big leaguers, game was on. campaign was on. i called this guy out of the blue. and i don't know what he thought when i first called him. >> oh, my gosh. then adam, tell me, what did you think when matt out of the blue was like, i have this campaign going. o
Sep 16, 2012 12:30am EDT
inspiring figure to many libyans. as senator mccain and senator graham and i heard during our visits there and was thus the natural choice of president obama to become our ambassador to tripoli after the cad cads -- qadhafi regime fell. this is why his death at the hand of violent extremists in benghazi which was the seat of the revolution against qadhafi, is so tragic and infuriating. there is obviously much we still don't know about what happened at our consulate in benghazi yesterday, but what is clear is that these attackers have to be apprehended and must be punished. i'm encouraged but not surprised by the statements of libya's leaders condemning this attack and i say i'm not surprised because these statements of condemnation of those who killed chris stevens are consistent with what i know the leaders of the new libya to be, what i know to be their profound admiration and love for chris stevens and their respect and gratitude for the united states of america. we look now to the libyan government to act swiftly and decisively and to our own government to provide the libyans wha
FOX News
Sep 21, 2012 10:00pm PDT
well. >> greta: lindsay graham is on tape saying osama bin laden is not foreign policy? >> that is the truth. foreign policy is what is your strategic goals and object nifs the respective areas of responsibility, be it in the middle east and pacific being in our own hemisphere here. the relationships you develop with your friends and allies and stances you take agencies your adversaries. >> greta: governor romney didn't has no foreign policy experience. what do you think president romney foreign policy would be better than president obama? >> i would go back to what we saw last sunday. when you had susan rice talking about everything that happened is becau. it's all about who you surround yourself with. i believe that governor romney will surround himself with the people that understand strategic level decision-making, foreign policy and national security and not just people that are going to say he emperor has no clothes and osama bin laden is dead and we have a sound policy. >> greta: do you think they actually believe that on the day that he came out, she went to every sunday mornin
Sep 27, 2012 11:00am EDT
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Sep 4, 2012 6:00pm EDT
african-american that still showed at 42%, 49%. >> reporter: dr. patrick graham is president of the local urban league. he adds black voter participation especially now has suffered. because a lot of people are on really hard times. >> when you talk about issues of economics and poverty, unemployment, your priority shifts to those things that are much more important on a daily basis. so to look at voting, something that is still futuristic, something that is -- is -- has payoffs down the line, it doesn't become as much of a priority. we have to really energize them around that. >> reporter: because of that, the urban league and others are trying to educate and motivate. >> i would launch an aggressive occupy the vote campaign over the next two months. and what that does is, it allows us to take our partner agencies, about 15 of us, to do what we call an adopt a zone strategy where we adopt precincts and actually attack them that way. >> reporter: dr. graham adds that despite the current economic pinch, which for some people is more like a paralyzing cramp, he says black voters as a
Sep 7, 2012 9:00am EDT
. >> far from perfect. jimmy graham third in the league last year, sproles, their runningback seven in the league with 76. haven't gotten to the receivers yet. it's going to be difficult to cover all these guys in a wide open offense. brees is a hall of famer. he does what he does, completes about 70% of his passes. >> the skins need to win the turnover battle and time of possession. if they can do that, they have a shot of staying close. >> great to talk to you. let me ask you a question, am i still the honorary fifth junkie. >> absolutely. >> as long as you don't get a cut of the paycheck. >> so it is one paycheck you split up. i've been wondering. >> thanks, tony. >> see you again soon. sports junkies, they are great. >> that's pretty darn funny. >> funny stuff. >>> a new jacket it's keeping people comfortable. it's not a snuggie. we'll show it to you after the break. >> you got to see it. >> after the break. >> new flintstones bike making the rounds on the web. find out how -- [ laughter ] -- how this device works. we'll be right back. here's holly. >> reporter: don't go away just yet.
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 337 (some duplicates have been removed)